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LED lighting: the cost of confusion to help policy
Publisher:admin Add time:2017/4/5 Browse times:336
Round of favorable policies, as the wave of the industry continues to promote the development of the tide. The day before, the national semiconductor lighting products application demonstration project (LED road tunnel lighting products) announced the winning finalists, and publicity. It is understood that the national development and Reform Commission, resource conservation and environmental protection department, the Ministry of housing and city construction department and the Ministry of Transportation Department of policies and regulations, the semiconductor lighting product application demonstration project tender, tender product for the LED road tunnel lighting products. The demonstration project started, the Chinese government is active in the third round of LED policy.
The second round of policy was born in 2010 10 years in April, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, people's Bank, the State Administration of Taxation four ministries jointly issued the "opinions" on accelerating the implementation of energy management contract for energy services industry, energy management contract EMC. the views put forward in 2015, the establishment of energy-saving service system more perfect, make the contract energy management has become one of the main ways to the implementation of energy-saving unit.
LED lamp is a light emitting diode, is a solid-state semiconductor device, can be converted into electricity. Instead of incandescent lamps, become the main lighting tools, rather than just stay in landscape lighting and other fields, almost can be said to be from the industry to the consensus of the investment community. However, due to the high cost of LED lamp is still high, so there is the view that, in the end when to replace, the key lies in the cost of LED lights.
SW research report pointed out that the cost per watt LED lamp 10 times the fluorescent lamp, etc., but considering the effect of electricity, the cost of illumination is the latter within the 5 times. Yu Bin, analysts believe that the use of LED lights can recover the cost of 10 thousand hours.
Investment advisor researcher He Zaihua pointed out that the current LED industry scale is composed of many amateurs enter piled up, although the scale is considerable, but the industry is still at the primary stage, the early development of any industry are common. At this stage, too optimistic about whether the expected future market will not be able to determine the overdraft, but the problems have emerged, such as lack of core technology, lack of innovation, the market
Competition confusion, product quality and so on, these problems seriously hinder the current LED market to promote the degree of.
At present, the international economic environment is not stable, the momentum of economic recovery is not obvious, therefore, in the relevant economic policy stimulus, the concept of high-tech industry with LED as the focus of attention was stronger than that of other economic entities in the industry, and promote energy-saving emission reduction, LED industry ushered in not only opportunities but also challenges. With the increase of state subsidies, LED enterprises to further expand to other two or three cities and the vast rural areas, the fierce market competition under the industry reshuffle inevitable.