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LED ceiling lamp in a few months began to darken, how is it?
Publisher:admin Add time:2017/4/5 Browse times:330

Home to buy a LED ceiling lamp, only in a few months, the lights become very dark, I would like to ask what is going on?
LED ceiling lamps dimmed, first to LED ceiling lamps open, look at the light source part if not all light, that is because some LED lamp is broken by the dark, need to replace a broken down beads. If the lights all light, dark words, then there are several possibilities, one is the power failure, the power supply output voltage becomes lower, resulting in the dark, need to replace the power supply. Two is the LED lamp heat dissipation lamp or working voltage is too high, the current is too large, causing the rapid decay of lamp aging, which belongs to the defects in the design. Three is the use of the light source itself quality is not good, serious decay, it is not long time will reduce the brightness of LED lights, some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of using LED chip made in China, it is prone to this problem.
Therefore, when we buy LED ceiling lamp, do not covet cheap, buy low-priced products, but should look at the overall price, buy affordable, reliable quality LED lamps