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Understanding the relationship between energy saving and lighting
Publisher:admin Add time:2017/4/5 Browse times:325

Lighting Essentials prepared 300 square meters of spacious space. The space is divided into 7 parts, respectively named "light garden" and "lighting design" and "beyond time light" and "white colour creation" and "light," staggered "around the earth light", "light dessert". To guide the audience to understand the relationship between energy saving and lighting, and then explore the history of lighting design, and then experience the Japanese style of light culture, color lighting and white lighting texture and the latest light.
But the show is not just a display, but a combination of the software and hardware developed specifically for this exhibition. Independently developed software and hardware, including 8 series of exhibits, 9 music, 7 videos, 8 sets of lighting procedures.
The last room to "light" as "meet one" five sense Orchestra, through the integration of lighting, sound, smell, relief, desserts, create the audience can relax the extradimensional space experience. Won the world's audience and the international media highly appreciated, and the use of design to promote the importance of technology exports have been recognized.