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LED ceiling lamp Market outbreak, into popular products
Publisher:admin Add time:2017/4/5 Browse times:288

This year, Home Furnishing lighting LED lamp as the main goal, many manufacturers have introduced LED lamp, LED ceiling lamps, LED bulb, LED downlight etc. Home Furnishing lighting products, LED ceiling lamps, it is in this battle at sales unpopular, many dealers and agents of LED lamps are reflected, LED ceiling light into the leading products, sell well, can sell a lot of LED lamps every day.
LED ceiling lamp why can be popular in the city? In fact, this is also expected, which can be seen from the technical, quality, cost, price point of view.
A lot of lamps, LED ceiling lamps to retail businesses, now the store has LED lighting lamps, consumers to buy Lamps, the first thing is to ask "have LED", some words will not go in, walk away. LED ceiling lamp can quickly seize the agency store display, to attract consumers, and allow consumers to recognize the brand, and therefore become a LED lamp manufacturers to develop the market.
Two, LED lamps can be used as the main living room lamp, also can do the lighting for the bedroom, corridor, Restroom etc., so it is the first choice for lighting consumers, consumers often are first selected LED ceiling lamps, LED ceiling lamps, and then select the LED lamp as auxiliary lighting, so LED ceiling light demand.
Three, LED ceiling prices tend to civilians. Due to the improvement in technology, chip, lamp, driving the price drops, LED ceiling lamps costs also declined, and the quality has improved, the current LED ceiling lamps light source for patch source, such as St Magnus LED lamp manufacturers use 5730 SMD beads, light uniformity, the price is also more and more preferential, LED ceiling price to 5 yuan per watt to count, and the traditional light source lamps has been no difference, more energy saving, so consumers are more willing to accept LED ceiling lamps.
To sum up, LED ceiling lamp to become the mainstream market products, no wonder. However, in the end how long can light hot, LED we will wait and see, most dealers are LED lamps, customers will start saturated, the market began to steady, LED lamp manufacturers to LED ceiling lamps, need to be carefully considered