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What kind of LED ceiling lamp is better
Publisher:admin Add time:2017/4/5 Browse times:306

LED lamp, as in recent years in the field of lighting the hot visible stars, technology advances, occupy in the lighting market position is more and more big, the LED lamp manufacturers have introduced new products, like LED bulb, LED downlight, LED ceiling lamps as one product, because its unique structural features, has been more and more loved by the majority of consumers.
First of all, LED ceiling lamp has the advantages of small size, LED ceiling lamp shape is more flat, close to the ceiling, the space occupied is very small, can be limited space, indoor use very well so the room area is not large, very suitable for LED lamps.
From the appearance point of view, LED ceiling lamps have a square, there are half round, consumers can choose the room decoration style, LED ceiling lamp has the advantages of simple structure, is mainly composed of a base, a circuit board, a radiator, LED lamp and masks. LED ceiling lamps and ordinary ceiling lamps have similar structure, installation is convenient, the lamp base is connected on the ceiling, supporting the whole lamp and circuit will use alternating current into direct current to provide stable working current for LED lamp.
LED ceiling is the use of LED as a light source, the cost is higher than that of ordinary lamps, but with the decline in the price of LED chips, the cost difference is not very light, because some LED ceiling price is not very high, compared with the ordinary ceiling price, have little difference. However, the advantages of LED ceiling lamp is very obvious, in terms of energy saving, LED lamp energy consumption is only 1/10 of incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp 1/2, therefore, you can use a lower power LED ceiling lamps to meet the original lighting requirements.
In the purchase of LED ceiling lamps, should pay attention to judge the quality of the LED, some LED ceiling lamps manufacturers in order to save costs, the use of LED chip and some of the relatively poor quality of the power supply, how to know if you can open look at the use of wires and power supply design. To buy LED lamps with better quality, if you do not know, you can see the warranty period, and customer service service is perfect, like St. Magnus LED lighting, LED lighting production, good quality, in the warranty period for free repair or replacement.