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Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of LED ceiling lamps
Publisher:admin Add time:2017/4/5 Browse times:293

LED lamp with low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection and long life use by consumers recognized and accepted, and to be used, but with the rapid expansion of the market for LED lighting, LED lighting products now on the market is not good wilt Qi, now on the market at present widely used LED ceiling lamps products. Here are with you to do a simple introduction and analysis;
LED ceiling lamp with all the LED lighting products are mainly composed of three parts;
1, LED light source:
There are LED lamps light source of high-power light source can be divided into two categories and small power source; high power light source mainly adopts high power LED lamp 1W; small power light source is 0.5W, 0.2W, 0.1W, 0.06W and other specifications, the light source on the market at present is the most used 0.5W 5730 the lamp;
How simple differentiate LED ceiling lamps light source, the simplest thing is lit up at the same time the same brand of the same size specifications and power ceiling lamps, remove the mask, look at the spot on the white wall, if the brightness and color can reach consensus, is the brand of the source of good consistent lighting products if it is on the wall, showing a variety of colors, can determine the brand LED ceiling lamps using light source differential is too general for the chaos, often appear low light; the second is can take different brands of the same size power lamps to remove mask light, under the same power level, the light source brightness ceiling lamps the higher the light intensity will be relatively high, because the higher the price will be higher than the low brightness of light source;
2, radiator part:
Because LED ceiling cooling is to play a cooling effect through the substrate connection to the chassis, so first substrate LED ceiling lamps, LED ceiling board currently on the market there are several main parts of lamps; the first is the use of aluminum plate, aluminum plate heat will be as everyone knows better than his aluminum substrate substrate, so as LED the light source substrate ceiling lamps of the LED lamp manufacturers generally use, the manufacturers of LED lamps is also more responsible, taking into account the heat treatment of the LED light source, second is used for the glass plate, the third is the use of cardboard (paper PCB); second, third; basically is the lowest LED light source substrate can see the ceiling lamps, LED lamp manufacturers use the two basic substrate without considering the heat problem of the LED light source, ignoring the LED life of the light source, and solid Ze reduced LED fishing life In order to achieve the purpose of reducing costs, so the general sellers to see this architecture of LED ceiling lamp, caution;
Another part of the LED lamps heat can do local cooling through the chassis, so in the selection of LED chassis, normally there are two considerations, the first thickness of the chassis, the chassis of the thickness of the main market at present there are 3, one is 0.3 steel, 0.35 steel plate second, the third is 0.38 - 0.4 steel chassis plate using thicker, the tensile strength of LED lamps is higher, the overall heat divergence are better; second, in order to ensure good heat dissipation, a lot of high order LED ceiling lamps to process using aluminum chassis in use, to ensure the heat dissipation LED ceiling lamps;
3, power;
LED ceiling lamp power source and other LED lighting products, the constant current drive to ensure the normal work and life of LED, but in many low-cost LED ceiling lamps of the products above can also see the cheap RC driven power supply, power supply is driven by electrical resistance capacitance resistance capacitance to achieve pressure drop. With the external power supply voltage fluctuation of LED drive current fluctuations in mains voltage instability area, light flickering, stroboflash phenomenon is serious, in the light of a long time to produce visual fatigue caused by eye, decreased visual acuity; it is generally recommended not to use the cheap products plan;
4, LED ceiling mask:
The LED ceiling lamps light up to good effect, it is related with LED ceiling lamps masks on the market, there are several masks, one is ordinary PVC material, the price is low but the transmission rate is the worst, for low-end product selection, the second is to add some the auxiliary light material PVC material, the light rate is relatively good, good products will use the mask, third is acrylic mask, the highest light transmittance, but because the light rate is too high, the mask will appear outside the dark area, good LED ceiling lamps mask can choose the appropriate mask according to the source, making the overall lighting effect will be better, and the light efficiency maximization, generally take several similar LED ceiling lamps lit up at the same time it can be roughly See the obvious difference; find a more suitable for your own use, because each person on the lighting requirements will be slightly different, and most of the time is not as bright as possible, find a suitable for their own use.
To sum up, roughly LED ceiling lamps have demonstrated the main difference for everyone, in some high-end products, in order to adapt to different user needs to do some illumination, such as dimming, remote control and other functions, here is not introduced one by one, I hope you can help to buy for their own products, LED ceiling lamps.